Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas Performance

Christmas Performance at Tregenza Ave Aged Care Service, 21 Tregenza Avenue Elizabeth South, SA, 5112

Wednesday 14th Dec 1pm.
But all are welcome to come for Lunch at 12.

Sorry to the people who can't be there, but no one date will ever suit all of us.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

CALLING ALL NUkers for a Performance Opportunity.
We have again been asked to do a Performance at Tregenza Nurisng Home in December.

Possible Gig Dates (we choose what suits us best)
Wednesday 14th Dec OR
Monday 19th Dec OR
Wednesday 21st Dec.

What date suits the most of us?

So I can get back to Jeannine at Domiciliary Care
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion. Cheers CC

Monday, 29 February 2016

1st Tuesday night of the month so ... it's Beginners night at The Northern Ukulele aka THE NUKES

7pm - 9pm ... But be early if you want a seat down the front as the place fills up really fast.

1st Tuesday night of the month  so ... it's Beginners night at The Northern Ukulele aka THE NUKES

Old Spot Hotel, 1955 Main North Road Salisbury South Australia.

GOLD COIN Donation, that sure is some cheap fun right there.

Music notes and loaner ukuleles provided.

A two hour session devoted to the new to ukulele brigade.

Lots of info on the basics, chords and rhythm.

Lots of very very easy songs , nothing over 3 chords.

Lots of hints tips and tricks to get you playing and making music fast.

If you are new to ukulele in Adelaide, this is the place to be.

Bring a friend, bring your family, lots of loaner ukuleles available.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Want a Better Rhythm Hand? ... listen to the drummer ... It's all there.

I tell my ukulele students if you want to develop a better rhythm hand you have to start listening to the drummer, start thinking like a drummer.
Drummers are telling you what the strumming pattern is, where the fills go, what beats to accent, it's all there just listen.
Just because you aren't the drummer doesn't meant you don't have to count.
And I leave you with this quote from perhaps the greatest rhythm hand in the business KEEF ... “Drums, eh,” says Keith Richards. “Without it you’re kinda nowhere'

Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 ukulele nights resume Tuesday 13th Feb. 7pm.

2015 Ukulele Lessons.
The NUkes ukulele nights resume Tuesday 13th Feb at 7pm.

Hope you have all had a great holidays, that Santa got you that special ukulele and you have all practised  your little fingers off.
Cheers CC

7pm till late.
Old Spot Hotel.
Main North Road,
South Australia.

ENTRY: Gold Coin Donation

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Northern Ukuleles 2nd Birthday Party

The NUkes turn 2 years old on Tuesday 14th October.
Every welcome to join us and Celebrate with an Open Mic Party,

and YES there will be Cake!

7pm at the 

Old Spot Hotel,
1955 Main North road Salisbury.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Beginner Ukulele Lesson every first Tuesday

Beginner Ukulele Workshop Tuesday  5th August Old Spot Hotel.

 1st Tuesday of the month is usually beginner night, this can get a bit tedious for you experienced NUkers.

So what I propose we will do next Tuesday is split into 2 groups. 

I'll give the beginners a two hour workshop to coach them on a bit, 
and all you experienced NUkers can jam out what you want, practise old or try new songs, be ready to step up to the mic and lead a song or two.

Beginner to Rockstar in 2 Hours.
WHEN: Tuesday 5th August 7pm to 9pm
COST: A couple of Gold Coins Donation to The NUkes (The Northern Ukuleles)
WHERE: The Old Spot Hotel, Dining Room, 1955 Main North Road Salisbury.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ohana TK-35G-5 Five String Ukulele, How Did It Sound?

What did people think of the Ohana TK-35G-5 5 String uke I took to NUkes last night?

Was it louder, clearer, better than the Koa tenor I usually use for teaching?

I thought it sounded AMAZING, straight out of the box that afternoon, it played like a dream all night, just those strings needed tuning regularly while they stretched out.

Very loud and that low and High G string combo is fantastic, Jangle from the Octave G Strings but you still have single course of C E and A strings for picking and runs etc...

Very happy to have added this model to the range of Ohana ukuleles available in Australia.

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Ukulele Beginner to Rockstar in 2 Hours.

At The Northern Ukuleles, everyone welcome. 

- No ukulele experience required. 
- Loaner ukuleles Supplied for those who just want to have a go and try out playing ukulele. 
- No Booking required. 

WHEN: Tuesday 1st April, 7pm to 9pm 

COST: A couple of Gold Coins Donation to The NUkes (The Northern Ukuleles) 

WHERE: The Old Spot Hotel, Dining Room, 1955 Main North Road Salisbury. 

SUPPLIED: Lesson Notes + LOAN ukuleles if you do not own one yet. 

Learn the FOUR Essential Rhythm Strums. 

Learn the FIVE Essential Chords to get you playing. 
Practice Tips to get you playing FAST. 
You WILL be playing songs on the night. 

Find your "Inner Rockstar" and let them loose on ukulele 

The NUkes aka The Northern Ukuleles Club 
Meets EVERY Tuesday night 7 - 9pm, everyone welcome from beginner to advanced. 
Beginners Class First Held Tuesday of the Month.Intermediate/Advanced Ukulele Held in the Main Dining Room.